27 June 2024

Autopark... why in Sandan?

A question has been repeatedly asked by crowds and media agencies since "Majd" and "The Real Estate Souq" announced Autopark, the first automotive world in the Sultanate: Why specifically in Sandan? Why not somewhere else?

The answer to these questions wasn't Intractable, but rather difficult to summarize all these advantages in a brief response within a short time. Therefore, we will answer here the most frequently asked question: Autopark... why in Sandan?

The Autopark project wasn't just a passing idea, but went through stages of serious research, strategic planning, and extensive reviews to emerge in its final impressive form. The stage of selecting the project site was a crucial step determining the fate of an entire exceptional project, and a visionary outlook for the future success of all merchants and investors' investments. In fact, the planners, and developers of the Autopark project couldn't see a location that combines integrated services from insurance agencies, financing, banks, and Sanad service offices except in Sandan, as if it points to a special planet for car enthusiasts, granting its visitors an exceptional, easy, and paved journey.

In Sandan, more than 10,000 people gather every day, and it attracts over 150,000 visitors annually. Events for vehicle enthusiasts are held in the city, witnessing an attendance exceeding 100,000 spectators. Not only that, but it also provides residential units alongside commercial units to form an integrated operation for a capable automotive sector, as it contains more than 1,200 residential units and 1,200 commercial and industrial units. Don't be surprised... there's more.

Sandan... the promising city... is only 15 minutes away from the most integrated city in the Sultanate which is Sultan Haitham City, and on the other side, it's bordered by Hai Al Luban and Hai Al Naseem as integrated residential areas. These neighborhoods will be densely populated, and given its central location between Muscat Governorate, the capital, and Al Batinah North Governorate, and its direct facing of the Batinah Expressway, the city serves and will attract a huge audience and segments, to become the largest and most famous locally, and even regionally.

On another considered aspect, the nearest traffic center for vehicle registration is less than 20 minutes away from Sandan City, making the journey of the seller and buyer happier and easier. The reason for the presence of Sanad offices in the city is to facilitate procedures and transfer vehicles electronically, all to improve the consumer journey in an integrated vehicle planet in Oman. Sandan Industrial City is also surrounded by more than 10 points providing various services to residents and visitors.

We searched a lot to place the Autopark project in a unique world of vehicles, and we found only Sandan as its embracing host...

Now do you know why specifically in Sandan?