26 June 2024

"AutoPark" Contributes to Enhancing the Sultanate's Economic Diversification Plan

AutoPark Contributes to Enhancing the Sultanate's Economic Diversification Plan

AutoPark... The largest car market in the Sultanate of Oman, which represents an attractive destination for investors and traders in the automotive world, contributing to stimulating economic and commercial activity, which in turn will enhance the local economic sector.

The AutoPark project came to affirm the importance of empowering the automotive sector and diversifying sources of economic income in the Sultanate. The project contains more than 50 car showrooms and 30 workshops, occupying approximately 97% of car showrooms in Sandan Industrial City, and 32% of the rental and operation rate for everything related to the automotive world in the city. Based on the success and reputation of Sandan City in renting all showrooms and workshops, the AutoPark project came to parallel the city's success and progress steps to be one of the most important integrated projects in the Omani automotive sector.

AutoPark is unique with its professional construction and design that matches the specifications of global agencies. The showrooms' area reaches 600 square meters with a capacity of more than 30 cars inside and outside the showroom. In addition, it has two floors with an open balcony, and an electric elevator to transport cars in an innovative and smooth way for display. The workshops characterized by spaces that serve all areas in the world of vehicles with a height of up to 10 meters and the presence of a front and back door for each workshop for easy access to the workshops and to facilitate the operational process.

Mahmood Al Manthari, CEO of Majd, confirmed that “the AutoPark will form a distinctive mark in the commercial, economic, and tourism sectors, as well as being in one of the fastest-growing cities in terms of commerce, urbanization, and population. It is surrounded by the most important promising urban and commercial cities which is Sultan Haitham City, Hai Al Luban, Hai Al Naseem, Al Maabilah and Barka Industrial city, and serves the entire Halban area, along with its strategic location in Sandan City. The features of the AutoPark project came in line with a corrective and developmental steps of Sandan Industrial City after the usual challenges faced by any project, and AutoPark will keep pace with the success steps taken by the city, along with the project's central location between Muscat and Al Batinah North Governorate. The project will constitute one of the most important tributaries of local investment and economic growth.”

Zaydoon Ibrahim, Chief Investment Officer at Majd, stated that “the AutoPark idea come a line with the importance of the retail and services sector and its main role within the economic diversification plan adopted by the Omani government under the leadership of Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, Sultan of Oman”. He affirmed that “the retail trade and services sector in the Sultanate is growing to emerge as a major contributor to achieving non-oil economic development, and this sector is expected to achieve steady growth that puts the Sultanate at the forefront and among the main players in driving development, and enhancing economic, in line with Oman Vision 2024.”

Zaydoon Ibrahim added that “this is what prompted Majd to develop the AutoPark project, to contribute to the growth of the sector that has taken an important side within Oman Vision 2040 and to provide opportunities that contribute to achieving the desired results from development plans. There is no doubt that the project will create positive step in the automotive world in terms of display and maintenance services that keep pace with international specifications in this field. AutoPark will contribute to providing job opportunities not only for national cadres but also for owners of small and medium business. The overlapping of the businesses services within the project activities will enhance their activities, whether industrial, technical, or service. Also, there are an opportunity available to car factory agents, car showroom owners and investors to activate their commercial and investment activities, which will reflect positively on the Sultanate’s general domestic product”

It is worth mentioning that the AutoPark project represents an integrated and comprehensive station that combines workshops and showrooms as well as insurance and finance companies and banks, to meet all the requirements of investors and consumers in one place.